• SteveALee


    Open web accessibility consulting, developing and chatter

  • John Marshall

    John Marshall

    Photographer. Owner of most remote studio in UK. Needs to develop keener understanding of principles of commerce http://basculetheteller.wordpress.com

  • Tim Brazier

    Tim Brazier

    Head of Service Design @goodthingsfdn designing ways to help people overcome digital and social exclusion. Founder @SheffDesignSch. Formerly @yoomeehq.

  • Benny_Bee


    Born in the Chinese year of the Rooster, which makes me a deep thinker, capable and talented… and a bit eccentric, apparently!

  • Nuffield Trust

    Nuffield Trust

    We are an independent health charity aiming to improve the quality of health care in the UK by providing evidence-based research & policy analysis.

  • Vicky Lawson

    Vicky Lawson

    Banging on about digital tech in health/happiness/education/creativity/community. Digital Communications Manager for @goodthingsfdn.

  • Terry Makewell

    Terry Makewell

    Chief Digital Officer @ Office for National Statistics, Member of British Council Digital Advisory Group and Trustee of South West Heritage Trust

  • Sanah Ali

    Sanah Ali

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