Finding my voice: why I’m thinking about writing more

My desk (at home, obviously; it’s 2020). Ready to write…
  • 2020 (and all it continues to entail) really does feel like a time to reassess things, both personally and as communities, and figure out collective ways to do things better;
  • Having thoughts, opinions and ideas without expressing them is beginning to occupy my brain a little too much, resulting in a bit of exhaustion and reduced capacity for other things;
  • I have read a few books recently (particularly these and this) that really inspired me, in terms of the subject matter, as well as the humility and openness of the writing style;
  • Listening to Jara Dean-Coffey, Founder and Director of the Equitable Evaluation Initiative, ask us all “do you want to bring yourself into the work?” at this event from NPC. I think my answer is “yes”.
  1. Promote and welcome challenge
  2. Assert a position if I (currently) have one but express my uncertainty about it too
  3. Pose questions
  4. Invite collaboration on any ideas



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Tom French

Tom French


Data, insight and questioning strategies for social purpose through open working | Founded Sheffield Data for Good + Data for Action | Musician