Tom French

Life is complicated.
It really is.
We don’t understand.
Make it simple!

Can we reduce?
Yes we can.
How can we?
Three word slogan.
All that’s needed.
A common bond.
And they permeate…

Education, education, education.
Take back control.
Strong and stable.
Brexit means Brexit.
Get Brexit done.
Build back better.
Hands, face, space.
In it together?

Britain’s Got Talent.
(OK, too tenuous.)

Where’s the rest?
Where’s the context?
There is more.
We are more!

So, don’t simplify?
I like simplicity, actually.
And I think it’s necessary.
I find myself doing it a lot.
But it involves conversation about the whole, about complexity.
I think it’s harder than some would lead us to believe.
I certainly find it so.

Take a stand!
Reject the reduction.
We’re not stupid.
We do understand.

Three word slogan:
Be no more.

Tom French

Tom French

Freelancer. Data and insight strategy through open working. Always social purpose and having conversations. Founded Sheffield Data for Good and Data for Action.